Founder of Tru Dru Yoga / Access Consciousness Facilitator / Yoga & Meditation Teacher / Gong Bath Practitioner

I discovered Yoga in 2012 after few years of struggling with depression and anxiety. I remember the massive difference I felt after my first Iyengar class! I was hooked. Since then I’ve tried Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot yoga, before discovering DRU in 2014… it was love at first sight. It’s so gentle, yet powerful and what I love most about it, it’s accessible to absolutely everyone. No matter what size, shape, fitness level you are or if you have an injury there is always an option to make it work for your individual needs. You don’t have to put your body into a pretzel to get the benefits of yoga!

I always loved helping people and Yoga had such a massive impact on my life that I wanted to share the love so I decided to become a teacher. I completed my Yoga Teacher training in 2017 and Meditation teacher training in 2020.

Yoga has opened up the door to other wonderful hippie things that contribute to my wellbeing. In 2018 I completed a Gong Practitioner course and in 2020 a friend introduced me to  Access Consciousness Bars. A single session made such an enormous change in my life and sped up my healing so much that I decided to learn it and share it with others. And now I teach this incredible tool as well!

Access Bars continue to help me live a happy, depression free life. Even when things get tough I move through the down times much quicker than before and overcome the difficult emotions with ease.

I am excited to share these wonderful tools which have helped to transform my life so much!

I am a fat, inflexible 57 year old and I think yoga with Sabina is brilliant. Her Thursday evening yoga sessions remove stress, make me do some excercise and improve my overall fitness. Afterwards I feel great and sleep very well. I would recommend Sabina's Yoga sessions for all ages. Come and find out for yourself.


Sabina is great, explains everything clearly and calmly and gives you variations if you can't quite manage the pose. Since I've been doing yoga, my stress levels have gone down considerably and my back feels stronger. I look forward to yoga every week as it's my chance to unwind and relax


This Saturday morning class offers both an oasis of calm and relaxation after a busy week and an invigorating, refreshing start to the weekend. I *found* Dru yoga after years of practicing Hatha yoga and its beautiful flowing rejuvenating sequences have deepened and enriched my practice. It is calming and yet energising at the same time. Sabina is an inspiring teacher and her passion for Dru Yoga is definitely contagious! I'm so grateful for this practice - the benefits are far-reaching in that my mind, body and spirit feel as one!


I love this Saturday morning class, a great way to start the weekend with a friendly atmosphere, great instruction which allows you to go at your own pace.


I've been doing the Thursday class with Sabina for a few weeks now and it's very rejuvenating and enjoyable. Sabina brigs a calm energy to the class and with the stretching, breathing and relaxation at the end you leave feeling very energised but also blissed out! Sabina is an excellent teacher and I thoroughly recommend the Dru yoga classes.


I have been going to yoga sessions with Sabina for last 4 weeks, I attend 3 session per week and I feel a new person. Sabina, thank you so much, you are very kind, your sessions are full of calmness, u do not rush into sessions. I am breathing well, my body has opened up a lot from being so still and tight for years. I finally found a very good yoga teacher....thank you Sabina. I recommend Sabina's session...u r certainly missing s great deal in your life if u do not attend Sabina's sessions....GET IN!!!!


I truly enjoy every session thanks to a great atmosphere and an amazing teacher Sabina. Once you try it you will love it!!!


I have just attended a yoga and meditation workshop. Really loved it. My first experience of Dru Yoga and I will be back for more! Thank you ladies for such a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Namaste 🙂


I'm so glad to have discovered Sabina's classes after being out of yoga practice for a couple of years. Thank you Sabina, you're a great instructor!


Thank you for a most beautiful workshop today - I sit here now feeling strong and serene, centred and uplifted . And your snacks were delicious. Namaste