I found the Yoga for healthy back course very helpful, as Sabina explained during the course, it is not a quick fix and I found the leaflets with the exercises to do at home (and the recommendations to follow them three/four times a week rather than daily) very useful and doable. I easily forget which exercise to do and/or how to do them properly so looking them up on the leaflets help. The affirmations are also beneficial, I have adopted two of them which I still use regularly. 
I enjoyed doing the course and it made me realise how weak some parts of my body were, not just my lower back but also my shoulders and upper arms, by strengthening these areas too I found that my all back is benefiting.
Thank you for all your instructions and guidance.


Sabina gave us an amazing private yoga lesson at my birthday party. We were 8 of us with different abilities but her lesson was perfect for everyone. We felt so relaxed, refreshed and spiritually balanced afterwards. I totally recommend her lesson for private events like this or maybe yoga retreat trip!

Maki Kondo

Beautifully attuned to the underlying path of yoga, Sabina guides the classes with the warmth, humour, confidence and compassion of a seasoned practitioner and teacher. Highly recommended!


I am a beginner to Yoga and was a bit nervous about starting classes, but Sabina made me feel so welcome. Her classes are a lot of fun - especially the 80’s music during activations! She adapts the moves for those new to yoga so that i can gradually build up. I especially enjoy the affirmations and I leave her classes feeling focussed and vibrant. Thank you!



After two consecutive nights of yoga lessons and gong baths I am totally zenned out and feeling amazing. The experience of a gong bath is not to be missed. I can still feel the healing reverberations through my body and mind. I slept so deeply and calmly and awoke to a clear mind. Sabina is a welcoming and experienced yoga teacher and a real Gong Goddess! Try it, you’ll be amazed. No experience needed; just turn up and prepare to relax, rejuvenate and repair yourself. Never has lying still been so invigorating, yet calming. A wonderful treat for body, mind and soul.



Sabina is great, explains everything clearly and calmly and gives you variations if you can't quite manage the pose. Since I've been doing yoga, my stress levels have gone down considerably and my back feels stronger. I look forward to yoga every week as it's my chance to unwind and relax


Sabina is great, explains everything clearly and calmly and gives you variations if you can't quite manage the pose. Since I've been doing yoga, my stress levels have gone down considerably and my back feels stronger. I look forward to yoga every week as it's my chance to unwind and relax


Sabina is excellent at what she does.
I did yoga with her in the past and on Saturday i did Gong Bath.
It was amazing. beautiful sound going arround the room helped me to meditate. I am one of those people who can't meditate, but with this gong bath i was able to do it for the first time in my life. Thank you!


A second night of blissful, uninterrupted, nourishing sleep following Sabina’s yoga practice and gong bath ceremony. I feel invigorated, reverberated, calmly conscious and finely tuned. Try it; it’s delicious. We are worth it. Thank you Sabina; a really indulgent treat in a too busy world. Namaste


Sabina has created a beautiful space at her new studio - it exudes serenity. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 2 years now with Sabina and she continues to be a generous and inspiring guide both in the physical asanas and at the deeper spiritual level of meditation. She is welcoming with a warm heart, tons of positive energy and I never fail to leave her class feeling rejuvenated and peaceful and centred.


Sabina always makes you feel welcome and makes classes enjoyable by clear demonstration of varied stretches whilst accomodating various degrees of ability. Relaxation techniques are very effective for me


Sabina classes are very enjoyable and relaxing. Sabina understand the needs of all present she is a wonderful example of the healing powers of yoga. Her new home studio is welcoming and with the perfect atmosphere. Thank you Sabina to be a such great teacher. I can’t wait for my next class. Elena


This Saturday morning class offers both an oasis of calm and relaxation after a busy week and an invigorating, refreshing start to the weekend. I *found* Dru yoga after years of practicing Hatha yoga and its beautiful flowing rejuvenating sequences have deepened and enriched my practice. It is calming and yet energising at the same time. Sabina is an inspiring teacher and her passion for Dru Yoga is definitely contagious! I'm so grateful for this practice - the benefits are far-reaching in that my mind, body and spirit feel as one!


I have been going to yoga sessions with Sabina for last 4 weeks, I attend 3 session per week and I feel a new person. Sabina, thank you so much, you are very kind, your sessions are full of calmness, u do not rush into sessions. I am breathing well, my body has opened up a lot from being so still and tight for years. I finally found a very good yoga teacher....thank you Sabina. I recommend Sabina's session...u r certainly missing s great deal in your life if u do not attend Sabina's sessions... GET IN!!!!


I've been doing the Thursday class with Sabina for a few weeks now and it's very rejuvenating and enjoyable. Sabina brigs a calm energy to the class and with the stretching, breathing and relaxation at the end you leave feeling very energised but also blissed out! Sabina is an excellent teacher and I thoroughly recommend the Dru yoga classes.


I love this Saturday morning class, a great way to start the weekend with a friendly atmosphere, great instruction which allows you to go at your own pace.


I have just attended a yoga and meditation workshop. Really loved it. My first experience of Dru Yoga and I will be back for more! Thank you ladies for such a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Namaste 🙂


I'm so glad to have discovered Sabina's classes after being out of yoga practice for a couple of years. Thank you Sabina, you're a great instructor!


Thank you for a most beautiful workshop today - I sit here now feeling strong and serene, centred and uplifted . And your snacks were delicious. Namaste 


I truly enjoy every session thanks to a great atmosphere and an amazing teacher Sabina. Once you try it you will love it!!!


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