I have been to Sabina's yoga classes, meditation classes, Access Consciousness courses and had treatments from her. She's an excellent teacher who puts time and effort into showing how you can adapt yoga for your body.
No matter what you do with Sabina you are guaranteed to leave feeling lighter and to have laughed at least once.


Sabina is such a potent yet gentle healer. I highly recommend her services. The space from where she works is super calming and inviting and induces relaxation upon arrival. Thank you so much for being such a contribution to all the changes in my life by simply holding space and often the best hug ever!


I have attended several of Sabina's Access bars gift and receive. She creates a very nurturing, soothing and welcoming environment every time, where our bodies and mind get to relax and rejuvenate. Highly recommended.


I've been to Sabina's sound bath workshops and am also a regular attendee as her Access Consciousness workshops. She's a great host and I can highly recommend all her health, wellbeing and mental health workshops. I also highly recommend private sessions of Access Bars with Sabina if you have not already tried this gentle yet powerful healing modality.


I’ve just enjoyed a winter wellbeing retreat run by Sabina & Eva and I can’t praise it highly enough! 48 hours of laughter, meeting fun people, lovely yoga and relaxation sessions in a quaint old mansion deep in the Oxfordshire countryside… what’s not to love?!! Sabina & Eva are excellent at providing the peace and calm that busy and stressed people need. I felt amazing afterwards, super chilled & ready to face the world refreshed and happy. Well done Sabina and Eva! Sign me up for the next retreat. Namaste


The retreat was a perfect re-start after the lockdowns.
The location was fantastic and my en suite room made my stay all the more comfortable (I’m too old to potter down corridors to the loo at night. One woman told me she wears sunglasses so the corridor lights don’t wake her up too much). The food was excellent and the company of the others was a pleasure.
I loved the flowing yoga and the instruction by the two of you was friendly and light-hearted. I was surprised by the effectiveness of the bedtime yoga. I was careful not to disturb my tranquillity as I prepared for bed. Heard singing voices, like an offstage chorus in an opera, during the gong session was not alarming but very soothing.
I really enjoyed the walks. Living in Church Stretton, I’m used to doing such walks, but the scenery where we were was amazing.
For myself, another day would have been very welcome with, perhaps, some room for singing and dancing.
After my enthusiastic account of the retreat at my local leisure centre, some wanted to know how to obtain more information, so I gave them your contact details.
The whole experience was great fun and a wonderful way to have re-charged my batteries as we came out of lockdowns. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a really enjoyable, well run, active holiday with great food.


I suffered from a lot of anxiety in the past and found it very difficult to deal with negative people and quite often judged my self worth through other peoples eyes. After my first Access Bars session with Sabina I felt a lot more confident in myself and found that my anxiety didn't take over me when faced with confrontational situations. Since then I have seen Sabina several times and she has the gift of asking the right questions during the sessions which helped me to naturally open up and deal with my issues which have been holding me back all these years. Sabina is a brilliant healer, very kind, caring and compassionate.


Meditation is often likened to a journey and in my experience, Sabina is the perfect guide for the journey. Thanks to her calm patience, her excellent instruction and her generosity of spirit, I feel my meditation practice has deepened considerably. The elements of the practice are well structured and flow seamlessly together. The benefits of meditation are many - I feel calmer and more balanced, less stressed and anxious and am more mindful in my everyday living and have developed a greater sense of self-awareness.


I'm still a complete beginner and always a bit nervous going to a new class but Saskia made me feel immediately at ease. She has such a kind and calming energy! Her Yin Yoga class helps melt the day away and always leaves me feeling relaxed! She's very good at accommodating everybody's degree of ability and making everybody feel welcome. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.


Saskia’s yin session is my treat of the week. It’s so nice to be lead in such a calm & caring energy. Saskia makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. I am loving her online classes through lockdown, they are helping to keep my body and mind balanced and it’s lovely to keep that community feeling. Her sequences are beautifully created and every week my body feels great. I head off to bed straight after as I am so relaxed. Never want savasana to end. Thank you Saskia, keep sharing your lovely ways and looking forward to next weeks class. Namaste.


I went here in the summer and throughout September I could not recommend enough Sabina is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes were so good it has helped my stress levels and how to deal with my epilepsy through her kindness and her methods. This is amazing for so many things including sleep, she is well educated and knows her stuff with yoga and meditation. I’m looking forward to coming back to her classes in February 2020. Highly recommended to everyone. Even if you have an illness and you're worried don’t be Sabina helped me when I had seizures in one of her classes and I felt so much better because of her.


Absolutely lovely home yoga studio in Uxbridge. I start my week every Monday with Saskia`s Yin Yoga class that gives me the kick for the rest of the week, relaxing yet a very effective form of yoga. Saskia is very inspirational, fun and supportive yoga instructor. She can lead a class of multiple abilities at once, always knowing what everyone needs, I never want the class to end! I feel balanced, happy and relaxed each time. My absolutely favourite place in Uxbridge with the loveliest people 🙂


My one to one class with Sabina has been excellent. It is fun and relaxed but also challenging. It felt more physically taxing than I expected and I felt like it compliments and enhanced my gym routine. I had asked Sabina to tailor my sessions to build flexibility, strength and help alleviate tightness and core issues. She simplified the format to make it easier for me to follow. She has also provided me with a quick stretch routine to do in the mornings for my sore back. Sabina has provided everything I requested for my bespoke yoga sessions. I'm sure we will continue to evolve and tweak until its perfect. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a yoga class that focuses on their individual needs and goals.


I found the Yoga for healthy back course very helpful, as Sabina explained during the course, it is not a quick fix and I found the leaflets with the exercises to do at home (and the recommendations to follow them three/four times a week rather than daily) very useful and doable. I easily forget which exercise to do and/or how to do them properly so looking them up on the leaflets help. The affirmations are also beneficial, I have adopted two of them which I still use regularly. 
I enjoyed doing the course and it made me realise how weak some parts of my body were, not just my lower back but also my shoulders and upper arms, by strengthening these areas too I found that my all back is benefiting.
Thank you for all your instructions and guidance.


Sabina gave us an amazing private yoga lesson at my birthday party. We were 8 of us with different abilities but her lesson was perfect for everyone. We felt so relaxed, refreshed and spiritually balanced afterwards. I totally recommend her lesson for private events like this or maybe yoga retreat trip!

Maki Kondo

Beautifully attuned to the underlying path of yoga, Sabina guides the classes with the warmth, humour, confidence and compassion of a seasoned practitioner and teacher. Highly recommended!


I am a beginner to Yoga and was a bit nervous about starting classes, but Sabina made me feel so welcome. Her classes are a lot of fun - especially the 80’s music during activations! She adapts the moves for those new to yoga so that i can gradually build up. I especially enjoy the affirmations and I leave her classes feeling focussed and vibrant. Thank you!



After two consecutive nights of yoga lessons and gong baths I am totally zenned out and feeling amazing. The experience of a gong bath is not to be missed. I can still feel the healing reverberations through my body and mind. I slept so deeply and calmly and awoke to a clear mind. Sabina is a welcoming and experienced yoga teacher and a real Gong Goddess! Try it, you’ll be amazed. No experience needed; just turn up and prepare to relax, rejuvenate and repair yourself. Never has lying still been so invigorating, yet calming. A wonderful treat for body, mind and soul.



I recently attended the Winter Well-being weekend retreat at Braziers Park hosted by Sabina and Eva and what a wonderful time and adventure we had! The weekend was the one affected so badly by Storm Eunice. Although we all arrived to a house with restored electricity, it went down again during the night and we had no power for the rest of the retreat. The electricity literally came on again just as we were leaving on the Sunday- the Universe was teasing us! But who needs power or hot water when you have an amazing retreat to enjoy hosted by the passionate, entertaining and humorous Sabina and Eva and you are sharing the experience with such a great group of similar-minded people. We enjoyed everything; the amazing gong bath, wake up yoga sessions, meditative walks (dry or wet!), Access Bars workshops, absolutely delicious food (prepared by the wonderful volunteers at Braziers), playing cards and silly games by candlelight and laughing a lot! The best therapy! A fabulous weekend all round. Highly recommended and thank you again Sabina and Eva for making it such a joyful and fun experience!


The TruDru Retreat was one of a kind: amazing experience in the realm of yoga, Qi-Gong as well as nature in Snowdonia. The class schedule was well planned out (with added treats like gong bath or therapy sessions), the food was amazing (and I say this with the nutritional therapist's hat on), and the opportunity to meet the like-minded people and get to know them in free time that was factored in between was there too.
Thank you Sabina and Cat for an amazing week and everyone for being there! Everyone had a role to play and our meeting was not a coincidence.
I truly hope you will make it a more frequent gathering for the benefit of all of those who are interested in their own development, both physical and spiritual. Namaste! xx


I cannot tell you how great Sabina is! Her place is lovely and has a lovely energy to practice Bars and Body Processes. I really look forward to going there and feel super happy and refreshed after. Theres lots of laughs and everyone is made to feel welcome and cared for and she is a good cook too! The food is lovely and healthy with plenty of snacks on hand too. Well done Sabina!


I joined Sabina's workshop 'Manifest your dreamlife' and it was so dreamy! The perfect afternoon filled with yoga, journalling, meditation, yoga nidra and a gong bath: it was just what I needed. She also gave us tools to take home so we could continue the practice at home. If you get a chance to join one of her offerings, I highly recommend it. You won't regret it!


The TruDru Retreat was one of a kind: amazing experience in the realm of yoga, Qi-Gong as well as nature in Snowdonia. The class schedule was well planned out (with added treats like gong bath or therapy sessions), the food was amazing (and I say this with the nutritional therapist's hat on), and the opportunity to meet the like-minded people and get to know them in free time that was factored in between was there too.
Thank you Sabina and Cat for an amazing week and everyone for being there! Everyone had a role to play and our meeting was not a coincidence.
I truly hope you will make it a more frequent gathering for the benefit of all of those who are interested in their own development, both physical and spiritual. Namaste! xx



Dearest Cat & Sabina

Just wanted to thank you both, and Amy, for the most wonderful few days in Wales.. 

You couldn’t have picked a better location with the views and the lake, which was used everyday for wonderful wild water swims. The accommodation at Triginos was clean and comfortable and although I was slightly concerned how I would cope with a non-ensuite room it was absolutely no problem as the showers and loos were very close. Copious amounts of hot water for after swimming! The hosts at Triginos were very friendly and helpful providing me with extra pillows and even a hot water bottle - strange request in the middle of summer! The food was superb and so much choice for vegans, although I would have liked porridge for breakfast - I’m sure if I’d of asked they would have made it as the kitchen staff were fantastic too!

The planning to ensure that there was something for everyone was plainly evident; early morning yoga for those that wanted it and later classes too, meditation, Qi Gong - Cat this was SO good, walks and a gong bath to round it all off. And of course, the beautiful lake for those that wanted to swim. I am tingling as I write this remembering such positive energy that embraced the whole retreat.

I think we all agreed that this was also such a fantastic group of people that just got on from the moment we meet. People from all ages and walks of life, coming together and embracing it all. BUT what made this retreat SO special was you girlies; your beautiful energy and commitment to ensure each and every one of us had such a wonderful experience. 

I will cherish my memories for ever and who knows, you many have to put up with me again next year!

Love and light to you all.



Whatever class or activity you book with Sabina she enhances with warm and positive energy and provides a calming space to unwind. I highly recommend an Access Bars session, it is fantastic for relaxation and peace from the outside world - I nearly fell asleep! Sabina is always friendly and welcoming, a wonderful teacher and practitioner.



Sabina is a wonderful and gifted yoga and meditation teacher and a healer with a range of skills. I recently had a 90 minute Access Bars treatment with her and can thoroughly recommend it. It was very relaxing as Sabina gently touches points on your head to release the energy from limiting thoughts and ideas. I felt relief after the session as I had let go of a lot of the stuff that keeps me stuck and prevents me from really experiencing my life or achieving what I am truly capable of. The healing continues beyond the treatment session and over the following weeks I was aware of my perceptions changing as I was questioning old habits and attitudes. I began to feel a sense of freedom and possibility of further change. I cannot recommend this treatment enough as it offers the possibility of real change. I hope you will book a session with Sabina to find out more!



Many of the physical ailments we suffer from today have stress, anxiety or emotional issues at their root cause. The Access Bars technique is a non invasive, relaxing healing tool which ‘reboots’ the busy, overactive, anxious mind to release all the hard wired negative programmes and files we have running in there. Like a loft clear out for the mind! It feels super relaxing and helps with sleep, anxiety, depression and stress. Sabina is a totally intuitive practitioner who puts her clients at the centre of what she does and has helped me through some extremely difficult and anxious times recently. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Sabina is a very hands on and very approachable yoga teacher. She caters for all ages. I had a 60 minute access bars treatment recently and it was very relaxing. I felt energised and a sense of relief and completely renewed. I would definitely recommend this therapy as well as the gong bath


I have 121 sessions with Sabina, they sessions are amazing. I had amazing results in my posture, flexibility and strength. I would highly recommend her to anyone, wanting this outcome of great wellbeing.


I have been attending class in my workplace for a few months and it's so refreshing to see an instructor who is full of positive energy. Each class is different and very engaging. I love how there are alternatives if you cannot do the complex poses. Beautifully structured and it is something I look forward to on a Wednesday. Well done you are doing a great job and thank you for teaching us this beautiful form of yoga.



Sabina is great, explains everything clearly and calmly and gives you variations if you can't quite manage the pose. Since I've been doing yoga, my stress levels have gone down considerably and my back feels stronger. I look forward to yoga every week as it's my chance to unwind and relax


Sabina's Classes are a great mix of energetic, fun, great postures that my body loved and a wonderful Guided relaxation and mediation at the end! I recommend it to anyone looking to love their body more <3 Thank you!


Sabina is excellent at what she does.
I did yoga with her in the past and on Saturday i did Gong Bath.
It was amazing. beautiful sound going arround the room helped me to meditate. I am one of those people who can't meditate, but with this gong bath i was able to do it for the first time in my life. Thank you!


A second night of blissful, uninterrupted, nourishing sleep following Sabina’s yoga practice and gong bath ceremony. I feel invigorated, reverberated, calmly conscious and finely tuned. Try it; it’s delicious. We are worth it. Thank you Sabina; a really indulgent treat in a too busy world. Namaste


Sabina has created a beautiful space at her new studio - it exudes serenity. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 2 years now with Sabina and she continues to be a generous and inspiring guide both in the physical asanas and at the deeper spiritual level of meditation. She is welcoming with a warm heart, tons of positive energy and I never fail to leave her class feeling rejuvenated and peaceful and centred.


Sabina always makes you feel welcome and makes classes enjoyable by clear demonstration of varied stretches whilst accomodating various degrees of ability. Relaxation techniques are very effective for me


Sabina classes are very enjoyable and relaxing. Sabina understand the needs of all present she is a wonderful example of the healing powers of yoga. Her new home studio is welcoming and with the perfect atmosphere. Thank you Sabina to be a such great teacher. I can’t wait for my next class. Elena


This Saturday morning class offers both an oasis of calm and relaxation after a busy week and an invigorating, refreshing start to the weekend. I *found* Dru yoga after years of practicing Hatha yoga and its beautiful flowing rejuvenating sequences have deepened and enriched my practice. It is calming and yet energising at the same time. Sabina is an inspiring teacher and her passion for Dru Yoga is definitely contagious! I'm so grateful for this practice - the benefits are far-reaching in that my mind, body and spirit feel as one!


I have been going to yoga sessions with Sabina for last 4 weeks, I attend 3 session per week and I feel a new person. Sabina, thank you so much, you are very kind, your sessions are full of calmness, u do not rush into sessions. I am breathing well, my body has opened up a lot from being so still and tight for years. I finally found a very good yoga teacher....thank you Sabina. I recommend Sabina's session...u r certainly missing s great deal in your life if u do not attend Sabina's sessions... GET IN!!!!


I've been doing the Thursday class with Sabina for a few weeks now and it's very rejuvenating and enjoyable. Sabina brigs a calm energy to the class and with the stretching, breathing and relaxation at the end you leave feeling very energised but also blissed out! Sabina is an excellent teacher and I thoroughly recommend the Dru yoga classes.


I love this Saturday morning class, a great way to start the weekend with a friendly atmosphere, great instruction which allows you to go at your own pace.


I have just attended a yoga and meditation workshop. Really loved it. My first experience of Dru Yoga and I will be back for more! Thank you ladies for such a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Namaste 🙂


I'm so glad to have discovered Sabina's classes after being out of yoga practice for a couple of years. Thank you Sabina, you're a great instructor!


Thank you for a most beautiful workshop today - I sit here now feeling strong and serene, centred and uplifted . And your snacks were delicious. Namaste 


I truly enjoy every session thanks to a great atmosphere and an amazing teacher Sabina. Once you try it you will love it!!!


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