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The Benefits

Dru Kids and Teens Yoga and Teen Yoga Foundation gives young people life skills to take off the Yoga mat into each and every day. It targets the whole self, benefitting students on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It offers skills for managing life and opens the heart, giving students the opportunity to experience the greatest power within. Like all Yoga, DKT Yoga builds a strong sense of self, well-being and good health and encourages students to reach their fullest potential.


Teen Yoga

I’m on a mission to take Teen Yoga across Wales.

I am the Teen Yoga Foundation Ambassador for Wales working alongside the TYF founder Charlotta Martinus.

I trained as a Dru Yoga Kids and Teens teacher as well as specializing further in Teen Yoga with the TYF.

  • Supporting teens in discovering a safe space, drawing out their authentic, empowered selves to co-create a compassionate community
  • It brings a sense of awareness to the mind, the body, the breath and brings them into unison
  • Understanding the capabilities of the body through posture (asana) work - aided by the breath, allowing one to go deeper inside and deal with life challenges by looking from the inside rather than the outside
  • Provides individuals with techniques to better deal with both physical and mental challenges
  • It gives you a toolbox to pull from when needed to calm and take time out
  • Mindfulness emerges the more you practise the physical aspect
  • Creates a shift in perspective

You can access more information in the attached presentation.

Teen Yoga Science & Benefits

To discuss further - please get in touch.

Group of children doing gymnastic exercises

A guide to class content


  • Warming up the body and loosen muscles
  • Balance energy levels and shake off lethargy as well as excess energy


  • Stretches and strengthens growing bodies – balance and posture
  • Helps young people to come to a place of stillness and calm


  • Develops healthy lungs and improves circulatory system
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and maintains a healthy heart rate

Games and partner work

  • Interactive – building confidence and self esteem
  • Teaches co-operation, consideration and empathy

Relaxation & visualisation

  • Brings deeper awareness to the body, mind and emotions
  • Sparks imaginative creativity


  • Allows activity in the mind to settle,bringing calm to the physiology of the body
  • Teaches discipline of the mind – bringing clarity, discernment and the ability to focus more easily


  • Teaches that we are all the same on the inside despite our outward appearance, race or creed
  • Teaches present moment awareness, there is only now and now!

That is just a snapshot of the benefits – to find out more please email Cat here with your enquiry.

Classes work best in age ranges

Cat teaches in nurseries, schools, after-school clubs and at home. Group classes are available now and will appear on the Book Classes page here.

Classes work best in age ranges, typically:

Group of children doing gymnastic exercises

Preschool/ KS1 age 3 – 5


KS2 age 5 – 7

Girls and Instructor or mother doing gymnastic exercises  in fitness class.

Primary age 8 – 12

Two happy smiling sporty young beautiful women working out outdoors in park on summer day, wearing sportswear, standing in Reverse Warrior Pose, Crescent lunge variation, Viparita Virabhadrasana

Early teens age 13 – 15

Yoga. Tree position group of young people doing yoga, outdoor.

Older teens and young adults age 15 – 22

Parents are welcome to sit and watch quietly or leave their children with me.

Fully insured and DBS cleared. Documents available if proof required. Along with my Kids/Teens teaching certificates.


Who is Cat Stuijt?

Originally from Wales but settled in London for many years and completed all studies in London. Now relocated back to Gwynedd, North Wales.Cat has been practicing Yoga since the early Nineties and has trained in many forms of Yoga, specializing in DRU Yoga.


I am a fat, inflexible 57 year old and I think Yoga with Cat Stujit is brilliant. Her Thursday evening Yoga sessions remove stress, make me do some excercise and improve my overall fitness. Afterwards I feel great and sleep very well. I would recommend Cat Stujit's Yoga sessions for all ages. Come and find out for yourself.


Sabina is great, explains everything clearly and calmly and gives you variations if you can't quite manage the pose. Since I've been doing Yoga, my stress levels have gone down considerably and my back feels stronger. I look forward to Yoga every week as it's my chance to unwind and relax


This Saturday morning class offers both an oasis of calm and relaxation after a busy week and an invigorating, refreshing start to the weekend. I *found* Dru Yoga after years of practicing Hatha Yoga and its beautiful flowing rejuvenating sequences have deepened and enriched my practice. It is calming and yet energising at the same time. Cat is an inspiring teacher and her passion for Dru Yoga is definitely contagious! I'm so grateful for this practice - the benefits are far-reaching in that my mind, body and spirit feel as one!


I love this Saturday morning class, a great way to start the weekend with a friendly atmosphere, great instruction which allows you to go at your own pace.


I've been doing the Thursday class with Cat for a few weeks now and it's very rejuvenating and enjoyable. Cat brigs a calm energy to the class and with the stretching, breathing and relaxation at the end you leave feeling very energised but also blissed out! Cat is an excellent teacher and I thoroughly recommend the Dru Yoga classes.


I have been going to Yoga sessions with Cat for last 4 weeks, I attend 3 session per week and I feel a new person. Cat, thank you so much, you are very kind, your sessions are full of calmness, u do not rush into sessions. I am breathing well, my body has opened up a lot from being so still and tight for years. I finally found a very good yoga teacher....thank you Cat. I recommend Cat's session...u r certainly missing s great deal in your life if u do not attend Cat's sessions....GET IN!!!!


I truly enjoy every session thanks to a great atmosphere and an amazing teacher Cat. Once you try it you will love it!!!


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