What is Qi Gong?

''More energy, less stress. More calm, less anxiety. More energy, less depression. More joy, less effort.More calm. More flow. More creativity. More relaxation.... discover why millions all over the world practice this ancient art.''

Qi Gong is simple, easy to learn, and can be done by everyone, at any age and fitness level.

Even just a few minutes a day can quickly add up to noticable changes in stress, mood, and energy levels.

For over 10 years I have devoted my life to helping others learn the powerful principles of yoga and meditation and more recently Qi Gong. I took the opportunity to add more strings to my bow when we first went into the strangeness of lockdown and two and a half years later, here I am.

Qi Gong is a standalone practice but it also totally compliments my yoga and meditation practice and teachings.

It is based on using the principles of stretching, purging, toning, cleansing, breathing, flow movements and relaxation. It is most often prescribed by medical practitioners in China as a practice for prevention of illness and dis-ease. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the flow of the meridian lines most associated with acupuncture.

Anybody, at any age or fitness level, can use these moving meditation techniques – not only to improve physical fitness, but also to assist in recovery from injury and illness, to achieve a deeper sense of calm, and to relieve tension and stress.

  • Heal from injury and disease
  • Slow the aging process
  • Feel better than ever
  • Maximize your energy

My classes

I really believe that courses and workshops are the best way to immerse yourself in Qi Gong. I currently teach 6 week courses three to four times a year online.

Keep an eye on my workshop page for the next availability.

I always include Qi Gong sessions in all my mini retreats and full retreats.

I am available for private and corporate clients in person and online.

My plan for 2022 is to start in person weekly classes. Watch this space.

Please contact me for more details or to book


The Way of the Dao

The Chinese word Dao means a way or a path. Confucians used the term Dao to speak of the way human beings ought to behave in society. In other words, Dao, for them, was an ethical or moral way. This did not mean doing absolutely nothing but doing nothing unnatural, nothing that was out of keeping with the Dao.

These 4 Teachings of Daoism Will Help You Navigate Life

  • SIMPLICITY, PATIENCE, COMPASSION. “Simplicity, patience, compassion.''
  • GOING WITH THE FLOW. “When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.”
  • LETTING GO. “If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.''

About my training

I have been blessed to have been trained by top teachers all over the world. My initial interest was for my personal growth and I took a basic teacher course with The Centre of Excellence where I gained my first certificate of teacher training level 1.

I was hungry for more and discovered a wonderful teacher Mimi Kuo- Deemer, who took me to the next level.

Mimi is an author and teacher of qigong, internal martial arts (6th generation Baguazhang),  mindfulness and Daoist Flow yoga.

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Mimi lived in China for over 14 years. In 2002, she co-founded Yoga Yard, Beijing’s first and leading yoga studio, which she co-directed for seven years before moving to the UK.  She now lives in the British countryside, and teaches workshops, immersions and retreats as well as online via Zoom and

My next discovery was the Dutch teacher Michaël Bijker.

His philosophy and teaching style is:

''Everyone, and that includes you, has a wonderful power within. A power to observe, heal and manifest. Many people don't realize they have that divine power within, however, some have connected with that source of power within and want to share with others how to do that as well.''

Michaël is grateful that from a young age he has felt this connection with that source and has learned various techniques on how to cultivate that 'light within' to live a healthy, joyful and abundant life.

And finally I have completed Tier 1 Masters with the wonderful Lee Holden of Holden Qi Gong.


This was an intensive course and involved 16 tests over 16 long modules, a HUGE written exam, 1:2:1 live sessions with senior tutors and interaction as well as live video submissions and even more!

But WOW it was totally amazing and rounded off my earlier teachings and truly made me the teacher I have become.

The breathing techniques and body movements used in Qi Gong help strengthen the mind and body, and create a sort of euphoria that can be addictive in the best way possible.

“You just feel really good doing it.”

Lee believes when it comes to a persons well-being, there is a place for both Eastern and Western practices. As a founder of the Chi Center, which offers everything from acupressure and acupuncture to Qi Gong and massage therapy, Holden and his team teach people how to care for themselves.

“Its empowering for people to learn how to heal themselves from within.”

Lee Holden.