I am originally from Wales but settled in London for many years and completed all my yoga studies in London. Now relocated back to Gwynedd, North Wales. I have been practicing Yoga since the early Nineties and have trained in many forms of Yoga, specializing in DRU Yoga.

I began my training initially with the British Wheel of Yoga before discovering DRU. I trained with the school of DRU Yoga London for 3 years, DRU Meditation for 3 years and DRU Kids & Teens in London, The Midlands & North Wales. Also qualified as a Dru Yoga Dance teacher in 2018.

I am privileged to have trained with the wonderful Yoga professionals at DRU and continuing on a path in various specialisms.

My classes are based on the DRU Yoga techniques of Activations (warm ups), Energy Block Release sequences, Pranayama, Asanas, beautiful flowing sequences ending with deep relaxation techniques. The focus is especially on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation and I also incorporate much of my personal experience into the practice. The sessions work on body, mind and spirit – improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being. Boost up your energy levels and leave refreshed and alert yet calm and relaxed.

Dedicated Meditation classes consist of warm ups, EBRs, Prana Kriyas, Relaxation and guided Meditations.

More recently I completed an in depth young person diploma with The Teen Yoga Foundation and have take on the mantle of Teen Yoga Ambassador for Wales. The teaching optimizes physical and mental health in young people.

I am also a Qi Gong teacher which is a form that totally compliments my style of yoga and teaching. I trained with various schools but my proudest one has to be with Lee Holden for lots of reasons!

I am a fat, inflexible 57 year old and I think Yoga with Cat is brilliant. Her Thursday evening Yoga sessions remove stress, make me do some exercise and improve my overall fitness. Afterwards I feel great and sleep very well. I would recommend Cat's Yoga sessions for all ages. Come and find out for yourself.


Cat is great, explains everything clearly and calmly and gives you variations if you can't quite manage the pose. Since I've been doing Yoga, my stress levels have gone down considerably and my back feels stronger. I look forward to yoga every week as it's my chance to unwind and relax


This Thursday morning class offers both an oasis of calm and relaxation after a busy week and an invigorating, refreshing start to the weekend. I *found* Dru Yoga after years of practicing Hatha Yoga and its beautiful flowing rejuvenating sequences have deepened and enriched my practice. It is calming and yet energising at the same time. Cat is an inspiring teacher and her passion for Dru Yoga is definitely contagious! I'm so grateful for this practice - the benefits are far-reaching in that my mind, body and spirit feel as one!


I love this Thursday morning class, a great way to start the weekend with a friendly atmosphere, great instruction which allows you to go at your own pace.


I've been doing the Thursday class with Cat for a few months now and it's very rejuvenating and enjoyable. Cat brigs a calm energy to the class and with the stretching, breathing and relaxation at the end you leave feeling very energised but also blissed out! Cat is an excellent teacher and I thoroughly recommend the Dru Yoga classes.


I have been going to Yoga sessions with Cat for the last 4 weeks, I attend 3 session per week and I feel a new person. Cat, thank you so much, you are very kind, your sessions are full of calmness, you do not rush into sessions. I am breathing well, my body has opened up a lot from being so still and tight for years. I finally found a very good Yoga teacher....thank you Cat. I recommend Cat's are certainly missing a great deal in your life if you do not attend Cat's sessions....GET IN!!!!


I truly enjoy every session thanks to a great atmosphere and an amazing teacher Cat. Once you try it you will love it!!!


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.



I love DRU Yoga and Meditation with Cat. Her Gong Baths are also mind blowing. Can't wait for the workshop this month and The Retreat in August..............................