5 week Qi Gong Course

Discover the Magic of the 5 Elements & Healing Sounds & Much More  - May 16th - June 13th @ 10.30am - 11.30am

This course is an in-depth study into the practices of Qi Gong and  meditation. Included are instructions for self-healing, stress reduction, energy enhancement, emotional balance, and spiritual insight. I’ve designed this program to give you lots of tools in your toolbox, tools that can take you from where you are to where you want to be—energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • I’ve created this program because I personally have benefited so much from this practice. There is nothing I’m more passionate about. When something works, you want to share it.
  • The benefits of this course will astound you. Imagine having the resources within you to start each day full of energy and vitality, and to end each day without stress or emotional tension. What’s more, imagine how amazing it would be to have the power to heal yourself, prevent illness, and feel connected to the universal energy all around you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in discovering qi gong’s secrets for more energy, less stress, and better health

This 5 week course of Qi Gong will enhance your 5 element flow practice by introducing sounds and colours - used for centuries in this ancient Chinese medicinal practice.

It is suitable for all and it doesn't matter if you have any health challenges or are new-ish or a novice to Qi Gong.

To book your space simply email me:


(Cost is £60 pp for the full course)

Much love and energy of light, Cat 

Spring Workshop

April 11th - @ 10.30 am - 12.30 pm

Just because we can't go out and meet up for dinner with friends it doesn't mean we can't enjoy a few hours of self kindness and nurturing through yoga and more. And on zoom you can do it with friends too!

For a much needed boost to prepare for spring and coming out of the long lockdown winter months - a time to reflect, reboot and nourish. We envisage you floating away on a cloud afterwards with a newfound joy in your heart.

Spring brings new hope, new life and a time to connect and unite your mind, body and spirit.

Some of you know Amy and others have yet to have the pleasure. Amy, will be sharing the teaching with me. You can read more about Amy below. She is a very sweet kind soul and a very dear friend as well as an amazing yoga teacher and healer.

We will be working with a mix of Dru Yoga and Meditation, a blended mix of the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong, and a beautiful guided meditation and relaxation.

To book your space simply email me:


(Cost is £18 pp or pay as you can plus special rates for key workers)

Much love and energy of light, Cat and Amy

About Amy Brooks

I am a meditation and yoga teacher, a transformational coach, a hypnotherapist and a rapid transformational therapist. I work with you, using a combination of techniques, to guide you back to your inner wisdom and true potential. 

Benefits of working with me:

Increased happiness, and a more positive outlook on life.

Increased confidence in your abilities, and enthusiasm to achieve your goals.

Increased sense of peace; reduced stress and negativity.

Increased contentment; more respect for, and a better understanding of yourself.

Improved focus, increased memory and mental clarity.

Enhanced joy, and a greater awareness of your value.

Improved sleep; falling asleep faster and increased sleep quality.

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Previous Events - March Workshop - Exploring the Dru Vitality Sequence - Moving into Spring - March 7th 2020 @ 2 pm - 5 pm FULLY BOOKED

Venue -North HallCanolfan Y Fron,
Upper Llandwrog,
United Kingdom,
LL54 7BB

£25 per person paid in advance. Spaces are very limited and a non refundable deposit of £10 is required to secure your space. 

Contact me to book: cat@trudruyoga.co.uk


Join me on an exploration of one of the most exciting sequences in  Dru Yoga, the Vitality Sequence. It is a powerful method to open the gateway to the energy source deep within you. Be prepared to be fully stretched and mobilised in all directions! Let go of tiredness, lethargy and despondency. It is the panacea to boost energy.This is a dynamic, flowing sequence designed to improve endurance and fitness, and to access abundant energy. The Vitality Sequence will help you to:

  • get into the dynamic you
  • rise to any challenge
  • overcome negative emotions with ease
  • strengthen your character and your ability to adapt to stress and change

I will explain the three stages of the Vitality Sequence. 
I will introduce the concept the the 'three gates" and take you through this powerful programme step by step. 

Stage 1
How to open up the 'three gates' - the mooladhara, the svadishana and the manipura charkas

Stage 2
Raising the energy up the anahata - the heart centre

Stage 3
Opening up the 'Hrit' centre

In this workshop I will introduce you to a new take on the Vitality Sequence. Vitality in life means having enthusiasm for life, dynamism, getting out into the world with joy, power and strength. I have developed the sequence and tweaked in various ways to arrive at 2 different versions.

This workshop will bring strength into your whole persona. This creates peace, light, and spaciousness throughout.

We will be working with a dynamic version of the Vitality Sequence using two fitness concepts. Firstly Isotonic strengthening is when we are moving the muscles when they are engaged. When we use the Vitality Sequence to focus on Isotonic strengthening, we will be doing several repetitions of the movements.

Isometric strengthening involves keeping tension in the muscles when holding a posture. During the third part of the vitality, we will focus on holding the postures to engage isometric strengthening.

We will start with some fun Activation and an Energy Block Release Sequence. There will then be extensive body preps as we get ourselves ready for the sequence - taught in stages then doing the three full sequences together.

We will break for tea and snacks.

The day will finish with a relaxation and a powerful meditation.

Benefits of the Vitality Sequence:

Physical - It stimulates all major organs, tones all muscle groups, releases stiffness of the spine and shoulders and eliminates tiredness. The digestive system gets a boost and energy levels are boosted.

Mental - Increased vitality allows you to overcome any negative emotion with ease. It can also strengthen your ability to adapt to stress and to easily manage change.

Energetic - Dynamic energy is drawn up to the heart,throat and crown.

A good level of stamina and fitness is required to attend this workshop.

Contact me for more information or to book: cat@trudruyoga.co.uk

Terms and conditions: These events always sell out and therefore payment is non refundable and non transferable to another date. You can offer your place to someone else if you are unable to attend.

New Moon Gong Bath - March 27th 2020 @ 7 pm

Venue - 

Waunfawr Community Centre

Bryn Goleu, Waunfawr, Caernarfon LL55 4LX

£13 per person paid in advance (non refundable).

Spaces are very limited and full payment in advance is required to secure your space.


Align with the Divine energy of the Moon and embrace your inner power.
A Gong Bath is a form of meditation, a sound therapy. It has been around for thousands of years as an aid in healing. During the meditation, all levels of your Being - physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual - will benefit from the deep, healing resonance of the gong. For most people, a gong bath is a deeply relaxing and peaceful experience. The gong has a clearing effect on emotional issues, breaking up limiting and negative thought patterns, and as a result, is an excellent therapy option for stress related issues, such as depression and anxiety.The listener only has to let go and let the sound of the gong do the work.

A time to celebrate the New Moon in Aries. This occurs only once in 2020 and it's the moment of the year to recommit to anything that matters to you. It's more or less a restart time and the start of the astrological new year. We humans sometimes need to make massive changes in our lives and it could be that those changes should start here.

Email for more information or to book:


Terms and Conditions: These events always sell out and therefore payment is non refundable and non transferable to another date. You can offer your place to someone else if you are unable to attend.