January Workshop - Exploring Surya Namaskra - Deepening your Understanding - January 18th 2020 @ 2 pm - 5 pm

Venue -

North Hall

Canolfan Y Fron,
Upper Llandwrog,
United Kingdom,
LL54 7BB

£25 per person paid in advance.

Spaces are limited and a deposit of £10 is required to secure your space.


Join me on this exploration of the wonder power and strength of this beautiful long version of the Sun Sequence. Help banish those post festive and January blues.

We will start with some fun Activations and an Energy Block Release Sequence. There will then be extensive body preps as we get ourselves ready for the sequence - taught in stages then doing the full sequence together.

We will break for tea and biscuits.

The day will finish with a relaxation and a solar meditation.

The age-old science of yoga never really have a comeback, it didn't need one. It just flourished and proliferated across the world in a way that along with the traditional practice, fitness experts gave it different makeovers. Over the years, traditional yoga has been fused with many other forms of exercises to achieve a greater level of fitness. Though traditionalists defy such experimentation, modern-age fitness enthusiasts call it a necessity. Interestingly, almost all standard exercises have multiple variations. The idea is to fight plateaus and push the boundaries further to challenge your body like never before. This workshop is dedicated to one of the most important and fundamental practices of yoga - the Surya Namaskar. While the standard set of postures include 12 asanas, I have developed the sequence and tweaked in various ways to arrive at a different version.

Namaskar can be done differently. You can play with the speed at which you perform the postures to achieve varying results. Power yoga involves performing the sun salutation at a very fast pace, this is done to boost endurance and up your stamina significantly. Others might recommend holding every posture for a minute or so to finish doing the entire sequence in about 15 minutes along with deep breathing, this version will take about 20 minutes and the speed and hold will alternate throughout the full sequence.

Benefits -  It is great for your heart and blood circulation and is known to strengthen the stomach, the intestines and the liver. The sequence also works on the hamstrings and the abdomen.

Surya Namaskar, in general, is great for blood circulation, weight loss, hormonal balancing and for the overall strengthening of your body. "Those suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease should skip the Warrior pose from the practice as it may cause dizziness."

A good level of stamina and fitness is required to attend this workshop.

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New Moon Gong Bath - January 31st 2020 @ 7 pm - 8.15pm

Venue -

Fit Fanny Adams 

The Studio, 2nd Floor, The Old Bank Building, Uxbridge Square,

Menai Bridge, LL59 5AR.

£13 per person paid in advance.

Spaces are limited and full payment in advance is required to secure your space.


Align with the Divine energy of the Moon and embrace your inner power.
A Gong Bath is a form of meditation, a sound therapy. It has been around for thousands of years as an aid in healing. During the meditation, all levels of your Being - physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual - will benefit from the deep, healing resonance of the gong. For most people, a gong bath is a deeply relaxing and peaceful experience. The gong has a clearing effect on emotional issues, breaking up limiting and negative thought patterns, and as a result, is an excellent therapy option for stress related issues, such as depression and anxiety.The listener only has to let go and let the sound of the gong do the work.

A time to celebrate and work with the energies of the Goddess White Tara - the mother of liberation.

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