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Vegan Fennel Fronds Pesto 🌱

  My fennel plant went a bit mental and overgrown just a tad, so I decided to try to make pesto out of it. Who knew that fennel fronds pesto is so delish! 😋😍🌱 Here goes the recipe (amounts are approximate)…🌱🌱🌱Shit loads of fennel fronds (about 3 big handfuls 😆)Juice of 1 whole Lemmon3 garlic…

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Join me for Dru Yoga at the Buddhafield festival

Hellooooo beautiful people 🤗 join me for Dru Yoga at the Buddhafield festival. “What the heck is Dru?” you ask… well let me tell you. Dru is derived from Dhruva – the north star – meaning still point. Come discover your still point in one of my classes next weekend. If you are coming along…

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Free Yoga at Olympia this weekend :)

Hellooo Yogi tribe, I wanted to invite you to come along to Olympia this weekend. There are 3 shows available and all are free! 🙂 Dru is going to have a stand at the Love natural love you show, with free yoga classes during the whole weekend and fab offers on retreats, workshops and courses.…

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Set your intention(s)

My intentions for 2017 are to connect and create. I want to care more for my Self. To move forward and let go of things I no longer need To simplify and grow my teachings and my life in general. Find my lost sense of humour. Prioritise those I love. What are your intentions for…

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Lotus Calling

In 2017 I hope to find some resolutions in my life. Resolution with my complicated work life will help settle a lot of the other aspects of my life. I will continue making more money as a full-time marketer and sadly-only-part-time yoga instructor and explore ways to make my career independent of the commercial world…

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