Join me for Dru Yoga at the Buddhafield festival

Hellooooo beautiful people 🤗 join me for Dru Yoga at the Buddhafield festival. “What the heck is Dru?” you ask… well let me tell you. Dru is derived from Dhruva – the north star – meaning still point. Come discover your still point in one of my classes next weekend.

If you are coming along to the amazing Buddhafield festival next week, you will know it starts on Wednesday the 18th of July and ends Sunday the 22nd and it’s packed with great workshops, music, lovely people and good vibes. There is no drugs or alcohol allowed… you’re probably like “whaaaat?” Trust me though, it’s great!! That’s probably why the people that attend are so lovely, no one is off their face 😝. It’s very child friendly too if you wanna make it a family trip, with loads of activities for your little ones.

There are two Yoga spaces with classes from 6.30 in the morning till 7 in the evening. I will be teaching 4 Dru Yoga classes in The Yoga Dome Space, come and find me there, I’ll give out free hugs on top of amazeballs Dru Yoga classes. 😊 Check out the Yoga schedule with some amazing teachers below…

01*FinalBuddhafield 2018 New Yoga

It doesn’t stop with Yoga though, there are loads of other amazing workshops lined up. From movement and dance (check the line up here), to inner work (click here to see what’s in store), communication and intimacy, music sound and singing, creativity and play and talks and more. Everyone can find something they like!

I’m definitely going to try loads of new things. One of them is Qigong. Here is a description of the class extracted from the Buddhafield website: With Mike Hartley. Qi Gung moving meditation and Eight Direction morning greeting. The session will give participants at any level of experience an example of the different forms taught and the principles of all qi gung energy work and tai chi. Participants will leave with a useful resource and set of moves they can practise and develop to help enable well being and health.

But that’s not the only one I’m interested in, there is soooo much to chose from! I love 5 rhythms, Bollywood dance, Drumming and Tibetan Singing Bowl workshops, Freedom From the Critic Within, Skilful flirting… oh yeah, maybe I’ll pick up a new trick or two 😉, Wild Shakti Lope, Kirtan. I pretty much want to attend them all! 😄 Obviously, my heart still belongs to Dru Yoga!!

Any way, I’ll stop rambling about it, you get the picture. Join me ✌🏼💗

Post by Sabina Furyova

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