Lotus Calling

In 2017 I hope to find some resolutions in my life. Resolution with my complicated work life will help settle a lot of the other aspects of my life.

I will continue making more money as a full-time marketer and sadly-only-part-time yoga instructor and explore ways to make my career independent of the commercial world as my yoga teaching offers me the most freedom to live my life on my own terms. I’m using Lodro Rinzler as an inspiration for this having embarked on a journey through all of his books having enjoyed ‘Sit Like A Buddha’ so much in 2016.

As I embark on my Meditation teacher training and looking at how I project myself in my own life – I’m looking for more ways to show up as me, love fully and unconditionally, release judgment and keep progressing toward the world I want to live in.

My practice will connect me on a deeper level to the world around me in many different ways.

I will embrace and focus on my strengths to become a better version of me – I already exist – I just need to elude more to it and embellish it through my aura.

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